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Commander, U.S. 2nd Fleet

Mission Statement


  • Command and control mission-ready forces to deter and defeat potential adversaries. 
  • Defend maritime avenues of approach between North America and Europe. 
  • Strengthen our ability to operate with allies and partners in competition and conflict.   


Vision Statement


  • The premier warfighting fleet. 
  • Project power, protect the homeland, and connect U.S. and allied navies across the Atlantic and Arctic. 
  • Agile and responsive maritime headquarters, ready to fight from seabed to space.


Lines of Effort


EMPLOY Mission-ready forces for Navy and Maritime Component Commanders in support of strategic objectives.

EMPOWER U.S. 2nd Fleet as a weapon system through a robust staff training, resources, and leadership.

ENGAGE with allies, partners and joint components to deter adversaries.

EXECUTE mission command through clear guidance and intent to subordinate forces.


U.S. 2nd Fleet: At a Glance


1. Maneuver arm for NAVNORTH, in the Atlantic and Arctic, ensuring freedom of the sea lines of communication and executing operational missions and exercises as assigned.

2. Maneuver arm for NAVEUR in the Eastern and Northern Atlantic, executing operational missions or exercises as assigned.


1. Force Generation – advocate for the other numbered fleets during the training cycle on the East Coast, recommending forces for certification during the integrated phase of force generation.

2. Concept Development – establish DEVGRUEAST, a concept development hub at C2F, principally supported by the Naval War College, the Naval Warfare Development Command, and the TYCOM Warfare Development Commands, forming the Navy’s Center of Excellence for concept development.


U.S. 2nd Fleet will conduct peacetime operations, building partnerships and conducting exercises with our partners and allies. At the same time, C2F will be ready to quickly and skillfully transition, if necessary, from peacetime to conflict.


  • LEAN – Organized to be operational – the staff complement is largely focused on operations, intelligence plans, and training. USFF will retain many of the higher headquarters administrative functions.

  • AGILE – Able to quickly and skillfully navigate up, down, and across the three types of maneuver: geographically, in thought, and across the spectrum of conflict.

  • EXPEDITIONARY – Capable of commanding and controlling forces while deployed forward – from a maritime platform or austere location.